Vertical CNC Machining Center 5 axis cnc machine

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  Product Information Brand MSK Product gross weight 6500.0kg Place of Origin Mainland China Type Machining Center Number of axes Four Axes   Model VMC1160 X axis 1100mm Y axis 600mm Z axis 600mm Spindle end fa……

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Product Information
Brand MSK
Product gross weight 6500.0kg
Place of Origin Mainland China
Type Machining Center
Number of axes Four Axes


Model VMC1160
X axis 1100mm
Y axis 600mm
Z axis 600mm
Spindle end face to table 100-700mm
Spindle center to column guide 646mm
Rapid movement of X axis 36m/min
Y-axis rapid movement 36m/min
Z axis rapid movement 28m/min
Cutting feed 1-8000mm/min
Workbench area 1200*600m
Weight capacity 800Kg
T-slot 5-18-100mm
Rotating speed 80-8000rpe
Spindle Taper (7:24) BT40/150
broaching force 8KN
main motor power 11kw
Maximum tool diameter 80/150mm
Maximum tool length 300mm
Maximum tool weight 7Kg
Tool change time 2 seconds
X/Y/Z axis positioning accuracy ±0.01/300mm
Repeated positioning accuracy of X/Y/Z axis ±0.008/300mm


project Manufacturer Origin
system Japan FANUC-OIMF Imported from Japan
Servo drive, motor Japan EANUC original Imported from Japan
Spindle unit BT40-150-10000r Taiwan Jianchun
XYZ three-axis bearing FAG Imported from Germany
XYZ three-axis screw Bank of Taiwan Taiwan
Pneumatic device sina card Sino-Japanese joint venture
lubricating oil pump Valley Oil Pump Japan
Three-axis telescopic protection One machine in Guangdong Guangdong
full protection One machine in Guangdong Guangdong
main appliances Schneider/Delixi France
Oil cooler Taiwan Taiwan
Three shaft coupling Miki Japan
Cooling pump (two) With internal chip flushing device Taiwan
Fully enclosed tool magazine Okada 24T manipulator Taiwan
Three-axis gauge (standard three-axis roller) Silver Roller Wire Gauge Taiwan



  1. A variety of parts are processed, the return is considerable, and the quality is strictly controlled.
  2. Numerical control system (optional).
  3. The structure is cast as a whole, with full sheet metal protection to prevent rust. The bed body, bed base, bedside box, etc. are integrally cast, quenched and refined; to ensure the long-term use of the machine tool.
  4. Taiwan line rail/screw, Taiwan silver guide rail, complete machining accuracy, long service life of the machine tool; Taiwan silver lead screw, high-speed feed, high operation, low heat.
  5. Adopt P3-level high-speed spindle to ensure the advantages of high reliability, long life, low noise, low vibration and high precision of the spindle.
  6. Electrical system, clear and clear circuits, electrical appliances are preferred, and it is easy to view everywhere.
  7. Spindle oil cooler, optional spindle oil cooler and oil cooling mode cooling, avoid long-term high-speed operation of the spindle from damaging the spindle bearing and prolong the service life of the spindle.
  8. Adopt high-quality tool magazine. 24T manipulator for tool change, high tool change efficiency, the spindle is fully enclosed, the tool enters the tool magazine and the automatic brush automatically filters and cleans the iron filings, preventing the iron filings from entering the tool magazine and damaging the tool magazine.


Inspection process/multi-layer inspection before leaving the factory

The importance of inspection includes both machine performance and manufacturer strength and responsibility to customers.

Laser interferometer testing, the equipment will go through more than two machine tool testing before leaving the factory, which ensures the high precision and high speed of the machine tool.

Ballbar circular detection, British circular detection, guarantees a variety of feed coordination accuracy and processing progress.

Machine tool trial cutting, each machine tool will undergo a 24-hour trial cutting experiment before leaving the factory.

Spindle dynamic balance detection can ensure the stability and safety of machine tool spindle equipment.



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