P5 Floor Benchtop Radial Drill Press



Product Information
Type Radial drill press
Brand MSK
Origin Tianjing, China
Main motor power 4 (kw)
Number of axes Single axis
Drilling diameter range 50 (mm)
Spindle speed range 20-2000 (rpm)
Spindle hole taper M50 ISO 50
Control form Artificial
Applicable industries Universal
Layout form Vertical
Scope of application Universal
Object material Metal
Product type Brand new


Hydraulic clamping/Hydraulic shifting/Hydraulic pre-selection/Mechanical and electrical double insurance
Main technical parameters Z3050×16
The maximum diameter of the drilled hole is mm 50
Distance from spindle end face to worktable mm 320-1220
Distance from spindle center to column busbar mm 350-1600
Spindle stroke mm 300
Spindle taper hole (Mohs) 5
Spindle speed range r.p.m 25-2000
Spindle speed series 16
Spindle feed range r.p.m 0.04-3.2
Spindle feed level 16
Swing angle of rocker arm ° 360
Main motor power kw 4
Lifting motor power kw 1.5
Machine weight kg 3500
Dimensions mm 2500×1060×2800



1.The appearance is beautiful and generous, and the overall layout is well-proportioned and coordinated.

2.Hydraulic pre-selection, hydraulic clamping, hydraulic shifting

3.The guide rail is ultra-high frequency quenched.

4.The rocker arm is automatically raised and lowered, and the spindle is automatically fed, so the production efficiency is high.

5.Reliable structure and excellent manufacturing ensure the durability of machine tool accuracy. and

6.It combines the advantages of a drill press into one. It increases the processing range of the drilling machine, such as boring, tapping, threading, countersinking, drilling, reaming, reaming and other functions, and is widely used in large, medium and small enterprises, townships and individual industries.


The radial drilling machine is mainly composed of a base, an inner column, an outer column, a rocker arm, a spindle box and a worktable.

The inner column is fixed at one end of the base, and the outer column is covered with an outer column. The outer column can rotate 360 degrees around the inner column. One end of the rocker arm is a sleeve, which is fitted on the outer column to move up and down. Since the screw rod is integrated with the outer column, and the lifting nut is fixed on the rocker arm, the rocker arm cannot rotate around the outer column, but can only rotate around the inner column together with the outer column.

The headstock is a composite part, which consists of the main drive motor, the main shaft and the main shaft transmission mechanism, the feed and speed change mechanism, and the operating mechanism of the machine tool. The headstock is installed on the horizontal guide rail of the rocker arm, and can be operated by the handwheel to make it move along the rocker arm on the horizontal guide rail.


Performance and Features:

This machine tool is a universal radial drilling machine with a wide range of uses, which can meet the mechanical processing of drilling, reaming, reaming, boring and tapping on parts by general workshops and individual users. The rotating arm adopts the structure of inner and outer columns and rolling bearings, and the operation is light and flexible. It has the functions of spindle motorized feed, horizontal arm motorized lifting, circulating water cooling and overload protection. The machine tool has good rigidity, low noise, simple operation and easy maintenance. It is a multi-purpose machine tool with good quality and low price.


  1. Operating procedures
  2. The operator must be familiar with the operation sequence and performance of the machine tool, and it is strictly forbidden to use the equipment with super performance.
  3. The operator must pass the training, examination or assessment before taking up the job with a certificate.
  4. Before starting the machine, fill in oil according to the equipment lubrication chart, and check whether each handle is placed in the specified position. Press the main start button to start the oil pump motor.
  5. Press the spindle box and column release button, press the rocker arm lift button, and move the spindle or rotate the rocker arm.
  6. Select the low speed gear, adjust the feed amount, and after idling for 10 minutes, you can try automatic feeding.
  7. The feed exits, the main motor stops, and the total stop button is pressed.
  8. Turn off the main electrical control switch of the machine tool and the air switch of the electrical control cabinet.
  9. Clean the machine tool, fill in oil according to the equipment lubrication chart, and apply oil to the column and rocker arm.
  10. Safety operating procedures
  11. During processing, it is strictly forbidden to wear gloves. The workpiece clamping should be firm. When drilling small pieces, it should be clamped with flat-nose pliers or tool clamps. Do not clamp the drill with your hands.
  12. Do not touch, turn over, press or measure when the machine is turned on for drilling.
  13. No one is allowed to stand in the rotation range of the horizontal arm of the radial drill, and the horizontal arm should be clamped tightly.
  14. Under the cross arm and on the workbench, no sundries or obstacles are allowed.
  15. When using automatic knife feed, adjust the limit block and feed manually, do not use too much force.
  16. When there are long iron filings on the drill bit, stop and use iron hooks to remove them. It is forbidden to blow by wind or pull them by hand.

The radial drilling machine is mainly composed of a base, an inner column, an outer column, a rocker arm, a spindle box and a worktable



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