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  Product Information Classification Of CNC Machine Tools CNC Lathe Brand MSK Main Motor Power 5.5 (kw) Sports Point Line Control Processing Size Range 100 (mm) Spindle Speed Range 4000 (rpm) Number Of Tools 8 Way To Contro……

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Product Information
Classification Of CNC Machine Tools CNC Lathe
Brand MSK
Main Motor Power 5.5 (kw)
Sports Point Line Control
Processing Size Range 100 (mm)
Spindle Speed Range 4000 (rpm)
Number Of Tools 8
Way To Control Closed-Loop Control
Control System Wide Number
Layout Form Horizontal


Product parameters
Basic configuration Optional
Guangshu 980TB3 system, X/W servo motor FANUC system or other system
Guangshu original servo main motor Hydraulic three-jaw chuck
45° integral cast iron inclined bed Hydraulic turret or servo turret
High Precision Ball Screw Fixed or Y-axis power head
Automatic centralized lubrication system Automatic feeding device
Central control hydraulic clamping (chuck) Automatic feeding device
Automatic lubrication system Special purpose tool holder
Cooling system
Totally enclosed protection
Straight line navigation


Project Unit TS36L TS46L
Maximum turning diameter on the bed MM 400 450
Maximum machining diameter (discs) MM 200 300
Maximum machining diameter on the tool holder (shaft type) MM 100 120
Maximum processing length MM 200 200
Spindle through hole diameter MM 45 56
Maximum bar diameter MM 35 46
Spindle speed range (frequency conversion stepless speed regulation) r/min 50-6000 50-6000
Spindle end form ISO A2-4 A2-5
main motor power KW 5.5 5.5
Maximum travel of tool post   X axis MM 600 720
Z axis MM 250 310
Maximum rapid traverse        X-axis (step/servo) MM 20000 20000
Z axis (stepper/servo) MM 20000 20000
Tool post number Tool holder Tool holder
Tailstock                Tailstock Sleeve Diameter MM none
Tailstock sleeve stroke MM none
Tailstock sleeve taper ISO none
Sleeve and Rotary Cylinder Specifications MM 5 inch 6 inches
Machine tool dimensions (length/width/height) MM 1720/1200/1500 2000/1450/1600
Machine weight KG 1500 2000


  1. Spindle motor: 5.5KW servo main motor.

X/Z feed servo motor: 7.5NM wide number servo motor

Good stability and large market share.

  1. Taiwan HPS C-level screw, as the core component of the machine tool, provides better working quality for general lead and large diameter ball screws.
  2. Linear rolling guide, using Taiwan Intime/HPS P-class line guide, high rigidity, high precision, long life, strong dustproof.
  3. The screw coupling only uses German R+W.
  4. Electrical components, materials with uniform color are mostly imported PC materials, namely German Bayer plastic parts, with good flame retardancy, high strength, high temperature resistance, and no fading. The product panel adopts advanced pass-through structure and device to ensure the excellent feel of the electrical appliance. At the same time, it has a humanized design, which makes it easy for users to use.
  5. The well-known hydraulic station in China can lubricate itself on the moving surface and has a long service life.
  6. The domestic well-known hydraulic rotary cylinder has large output torque, compact structure, stable operation and reliable life.
  7. The tool holder is used to fix the tool, the tool change speed is fast, and it is stable and durable.
  8. Automatic lubricating pump to reduce wear of machine tool guides and screw rods and prolong machine tool life
  9. Cooling water pipe, used to cool the tool and improve the effective life of the tool.
  10. Iron filing box, easy to discharge iron filings, temporarily store iron filings
  11. Sleeve-type spindle, the domestic well-known brand precision sleeve-type spindle has good rigidity and better stability. The spindle is fixed by high-load bearing, which can be directly dragged by the servo motor, which not only ensures high speed but also can be adjusted to increase the speed. deceleration, thereby improving the precision and processing efficiency of milling.
  12. Lock and cap, adopt Taiwan brand.







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