Bench Drill

The bench drilling machine is referred to as the bench drill. It is a small hole machining machine with small size and easy operation. It is usually installed on a special workbench. It is mainly used for drilling, reaming, tapping and other operations of workpieces of various materials.

Matters needing attention:


1.Before use, it must be wired according to the electrical protection regulations, and there must be a leakage protector for protection.


2.The installation of the bench drill must be firm and reliable.


3.The operator must be a person who is familiar with the performance of the equipment to operate. When operating, you must concentrate, you must wear protective glasses, and gloves are strictly prohibited.


4.When using a bench drill to process the workpiece, the workpiece must be placed firmly and reliably, and a bench vice can be loaded if necessary.


5.When using the bench drill to process the workpiece, the downward speed of the drill pipe should not be too fast, but should be slow, slow, light and soft. Especially when the hole is about to be drilled through, it should be slow, slow, light and soft. Prevent the drill bit from breaking and hurting people due to excessive force.


6.When speed regulation is required, the power supply must be cut off before the upper cover can be opened, and the speed regulation can be realized by adjusting the position of the belt on the pulley. Generally, when drilling holes below 10MM, the speed can not be adjusted; when the hole is more than 10MM, the speed can be lowered a little.


7After adjusting the speed, the upper cover must be closed as it is.


8.If the cuttings are entangled, it is forbidden to clean by hand. Can be shut down for disposal, or carefully removed with a wooden stick.


9.When replacing the drill bit, it is strictly forbidden to hit the drill chuck with iron tools, and the drill chuck must be tightened with a special key.